IP, Domain traceroute

Traceroute uses ICMP’s Ping command to find out how many different devices are between the computer initiating the traceroute and the target. This command works by manipulating the packets time to live value or TTL. The TTL is the number of times the packet can be rebroadcast by the next host encountered on the network or hops. The command will start with a TTL value of 1 indicating the packet can only go as far as the next device between the initiator and the target. The receiving device will send back an ICMP type 11, code 0 packet (time exceeded), and the packet is logged. The sender increases the TTL by 1 and sends the next series of packets. The packets will reach their expected time to live at the next hop along the network; which in turn, causes the receiving router to send another time exceeded reply. This continues until the target is reached, and all hops along the way have been recorded, creating a listing of all devices between the initiating computer and the target. This can be helpful for a penetration tester when determining what devices are on a network.
IP or Domain

Output description

result example Traceroute from wantool.net server to netscape.net (IP of netscape.net) server

Hop: hop counter
ms: time of hop
URL: URL of router
IP: IP of router
IP assigned to my device
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